March 1, 2013

Today I worked as the float nurse on our floor.  This means that I am the slave. I do whatever anyone asks me to do and always try to anticipate when someone will need help co-signing a medication or just any kind of help they may need.  This may sound dreadful and sometimes it can be, but today was different.

Today I was thinking about our trip to Mauritius/Reunion Islands/Madagascar/Mozambique/South Africa. I couldn’t quit thinking about it. I was so excited, thinking about what research I could do to make our trip easier, more fun, more adventurous, etc. I was so happy all day. It was a great reminder that our day is what we make of it.  We can be crabby asses, sour pusses or really happy every day! It really is our choice. It’s all in perception. We can choose to perceive things in a way that we can enjoy them. When crap comes our way we can perceive it differently and choose to have a great day.

I am grateful that today that was very easy to do. And today was a great reminder that I can do that every day, if I choose!


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