My name is Monte Jenkins.  I’m a Registered Nurse at Stanford Hospital. I’m a songwriter, a keyboardist and an eternal optimist. I have a partner of almost 17 years, Darren Moos who, together we have rebuilt, remodeled and re-decorated several homes while living in them – from California to Florida and Illinois. We currently live in Carmel Valley, California with our two dogs Johnny and Gracie, aka, Johnny Rocket and Ace of Grace.

I first heard about the Grateful 365 project from a cousin on Facebook.  It impressed me so much that I decided that I needed this in my life.  I started a blog the same day I heard about the project. This blog is me from day to day, and what I am grateful for each day.

Although this site is really just for me, if it does inspire you, please visit the original project at 365grateful.com

Thanks again